Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Due to modern advances in veterinary care, our pets are living much longer lives than before. As time goes by, however, your pet will start to slow down as he enters his senior years. Like elderly people, senior pets need extra attention and care. At Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, we provide valuable counsel on keeping your senior pet healthy as he ages.


Pet Exam

Senior pets are at greater risk for getting sick due to their weaker immune systems. Once sick, it’s also harder for them to recover. For this reason, our veterinarian recommends that senior dogs and cats have a pet exam bi-annually. This gives us a chance to monitor your pet's health and catch diseases early on when they’re easier to treat. If necessary, we’ll perform diagnostic tests like blood, blood pressure, and urine tests to confirm your pet is in good health.

Dental Care

Your pet’s oral health will impact his overall health. That’s why dental care is so important throughout your pet’s life. Routine dental exams and cleanings can prevent dental issues like abscesses, gum infections, and periodontal disease. Left untreated, bacteria from periodontal disease can enter your pet’s blood and cause kidney, heart, and liver problems. Professional cleanings combined with home dental care will keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy in his senior years.


Our veterinarian may recommend changes in your pet’s diet as he grows older to enhance his health. A diet rich in protein and low in calories will keep your pet healthy and help him maintain a good weight. Senior pets don’t need extra calories, as they’re not as active in their elder years. We can recommend healthy foods and treats for this stage of your pet’s life.

Lifestyle Changes

Age brings about physical and mental changes to your pet. Your pet won’t be as frisky as he was in his youth, especially if he has developed arthritis or other chronic condition. You may need to adjust your pet’s schedule and physical surroundings to facilitate his decreased mobility, safety, and sleep. By modifying your pet’s home, exercise regimen, and diet, you can help him live a high quality of life in his senior years.


Senior pets still need some form of exercise daily to keep their joints and muscles in shape. Shorter walks for your senior dog will give him fresh air and exercise without wearing him out. You should also try to engage your senior cat in interactive play at least a few times during the day.

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