Pet Nutrition FAQ

Every dog owner wants to see their pet live a long and healthy life by giving them all the proper nutrients. However, with so many diet options in dog food stores, dog owners often end up confused about which diet is right for their four-legged companions. For this reason, Dr. Jewell at Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park shares a few answers to the most frequent questions asked by our community.

Pet Nutrition FAQ

Why Should I Keep My Pet On The Right Nutrition?

Like people, pets need food to survive. The nutrients in food enhance growth and immunity, which in turn, elongate your dog’s life span. Additionally, feeding pets properly is an excellent way of strengthening your bond.

What Nutrients Should I Feed My Pet?

Generally, all pets need sufficient levels of proteins, water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fats to maintain good health and physique. For the best results, go for commercially prepared pet foods, as most of them adhere to the American Association of Food Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional requirements.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Furry Friend?

The quantity of food to feed your pet depends on its breed, body size, weight, activity level, spay/neuter status, and age, among other factors. The portions indicated on the pet food bag label should guide you on the amount of food to give your dog in one serving. If you cannot calculate the food amount from the label, consult a veterinarian to avoid feeding your pet too much or too little. Remember, too much food can cause obesity, while too little might cause malnutrition.

Should I Change My Senior Dog’s Diet?

You should change the diet for your elderly dogs. As dogs age, they become more prone to conditions like diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure, and obesity, which need special treatment to help the animal live comfortably. This is where a special diet for older dogs comes into place.

Our vet will examine your aging pet's health and recommend the proper diet that will renew its energy while maintaining a healthy weight. Besides the diet, Dr. Jewell diagnoses any underlying health condition and schedules a treatment plan for your four-legged friend.

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