Pet Ear Infections

Diagnosis and Treatment

At Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, we offer a complete range of veterinary services, including the diagnosis and treatment of pet ear infections. We also provide ear infection preventive care by offering guidance on how to best minimize the chances of pet ear infections. Ear infections can be very painful for pets, so it’s important to get them treated as soon as possible.


Ear Infections

Pet ear infections can range from mild discomfort to serious health conditions. As a pet owner, you might be familiar with your pet’s behavior when it is suffering from an ear infection. It might be scratching the ear or shaking its head, trying to find relief from the symptoms. Certain types of pets are more vulnerable to ear infections. For example, certain dog breeds with floppy ears are more likely to develop ear infections.

Types of Ear Infections

There are different types of ear infections. They are categorized into infections for the outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear. The infection can also travel from one part of the ear to the other. Most types of pet ear infections travel from the outer ear to the inner ear. Ear infections to the middle and inner ear are more serious as they can cause deafness, facial paralysis, and other serious issues. Pet ear infections can affect one or both ears.

Ear Infection Symptoms

Apart from head shaking and scratching, you need to watch for other signs of pet ear infections, such as discharge from the ear, redness or swelling of the ear, crusting or scabs in the ear, or pain. If you notice any of these signs, bring your pet to our experienced veterinarian.

Ear Infection Treatment and Prevention

At Pershing Animal Hospital, we can perform a comprehensive ear inspection. It’s also vital to get routine checkups for your pet, so we can perform a basic examination, including checking the ears for any sign of infection. Our veterinarian will prescribe medications that treat pet ear infections. This might include topical medications, ear drops, or oral antibiotics. We can also guide you on how to properly clean your pet and its environment at home to minimize pet infections. We will show you how to gently clean your pet’s ear to avoid infections.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian

If you suspect your pet is suffering from an ear infection, visit us right away. At Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, our team will perform a pet exam to diagnose and treat ear infections. Our veterinarian will also teach you how to minimize the occurrence of ear infections in your pet. To schedule an appointment, call us today.


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