Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition where the has trouble managing glucose well. This chronic condition does not only affect humans but also pets as well. 

pet diabetes

If your dog suffers from diabetes and needs a reliable veterinarian in Hyde Park, IL, in Chicago, IL, visit us at Pershing Animal Hospital for pet care. We love pets and are ready to attend to your pet, treat him, and provide helpful advice regarding pet upkeep.

What Is Pet Diabetes and How Can I Know My Pet Is Diabetic?

Pet diabetes is a chronic condition that affects glucose control in the pet’s body. Your pet can be diabetic if it does not produce enough glucose or does not utilize the available glucose well.

You may not realize your pet suffers from diabetes because the signs are similar to other illnesses. However, below are some signs that diabetes is bothering your pet:

    • Frequent urination
    • Sweaty smell
    • Reduced appetite
    • Excessive water drinking habit
    • Cloudy eyes and possible weight loss

Talk to our veterinarian immediately if you notice any of the above signs.        

How Is Pet Diabetes Diagnosed?

Our veterinarian might test glucose in your pet’s body through urine or blood samples. We might check the glucose concentration in the sample to know if the pet is diabetic.

Assuming that the pet is diabetic, our vet may recommend insulin administration. The injection is done using a small needle, and the dosage varies depending on need.

How Should I Care for a Diabetic Pet?

Diabetic is a manageable chronic disease, so your pet can still live a comfortable and healthy life if you observe the care plan well. Here are some effective care tips for your pet suffering from diabetes:

    • Maintain good relations with our veterinarian so that you can consult and get handy advice when need be.
    • Follow the insulin injection treatment plan well and our vet may require you to inject the insulin on a routine basis.
    • Serve a healthy diet to your pet with no people food.
    • Walk your pet or make sure he gets exercise
    • Watch out for adverse side effects and call our veterinarian if you notice his symptoms get significantly worse.

Visit Our Veterinarian for Pet Diabetes Treatment in Hyde Park, IL, in Chicago, IL

If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, start a treatment plan with our help. We welcome you to Pershing Animal Hospital for pet diabetes treatment and pet care services. Contact us today to book an appointment or for more information. Call us at (773) 288-8888 for more information.

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