Pet Dental FAQs

Pet dental care is an important part of owning a dog or cat. Our veterinarian at Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, has put together some of the common questions that he runs into concerning pet dental care. Let’s look at some of these questions and if you think of one that isn’t listed below, contact Dr. Jewell. Your dog or cat’s oral health is our priority.


How Do I Know If My Pet Has A Dental Issue?

There are some signs that any pet owner should be on the lookout for that usually indicates a dental problem. These symptoms include persistent bad breath, discoloration of the teeth, bleeding gums, or missing teeth. Your cat or dog might also be pawing at its mouth, or could be eating less than your pet normally would.

Is Bad Breath Normal for Pets?

You should expect your cat or dog to have some bad breath after eating, but ongoing foul odor signifies a bigger problem. Common causes of bad breath include rotting or decaying teeth, an abscess, or periodontal disease. While bad breath can seem normal, your pet may be suffering from pain due to a related issue.

Can My Pet Get Periodontal Disease?

This gum disease can be an issue for pets as early as three years of age. It is a severe infection that affects your pet's teeth and gums. Unless it gets treated, plaque can harden and even lead to bone loss. The infection can spread to under the gums, making it difficult to treat. In the more advanced stages, periodontal disease can lead to bacteria in the bloodstream affecting major organs like the kidney, liver, or heart.

Is Anesthesia Used for A Dental Exam or Cleaning?

It is difficult for pets to sit still and hold their mouths open for a dental cleaning. So that Dr. Jewell can safely and thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth, your pet will be placed under general anesthesia during the procedure. We will monitor your pet's vital signs closely while performing the dental cleaning.

How Often Should My Pet Have A Dental Exam? 

Preventative measures are always a safe bet for keeping your pet's oral health in check. Our veterinarian recommends a visit to our office once per year, so your pet can receive an oral exam, get his or her teeth cleaned, and take X-rays if they are needed.

Pet Dental Care in Hyde Park, IL

Every pet deserves the full attention of its owner, as well as superior health care. Do not underestimate the importance of good dental care for your furry friends. Call our veterinarian at Pershing Animal Hospital today at (773) 288-8888 if you have any pet dental questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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