Pet Dental Diseases

If you live in Hyde Park, IL, and are worried about the state of your pet's oral health, you can bring him to us at Pershing Animal Hospital and our veterinarian will look at their teeth and gums. There are different types of pet dental diseases that may benefit you to know about:

Pet Dental Disease


This disease is the same as in your pet as it is with you. It's a reversible form of the gum disease where their teeth and gums get inflamed and there may even be some bleeding around the gumline. It's important that we catch this at an early stage and get rid of the plaque that is on your pet's gums. Once this has been fixed, you can keep his teeth looking nice with foods designed for oral health or giving him bones to gnaw on to help his teeth and gums.


This means that the plaque that was there has hardened and become tartar. That tartar might go under your pet's gumline and cause problems, including infections. Bring your pet to our veterinarian if you suspect he has this disease.

How It Can Affect Your Pet

Just like humans, a pet's head is not a closed loop. It connects to their bloodstream, which can cause a lot of problems. There are multiple areas that you should be concerned about if your pet has dental disease. The bacteria that get into their bloodstream can affect their heat, their liver, or their kidneys.

Your pet can suffer from a lot more than just losing some teeth. It can leave him vulnerable to other things and that could wind up making you have to pay for a lot more than just some dental work.

Always pay attention to what your pet's mouth looks like. Look to see if you see redness or bleeding. Don't miss out on yearly check-ups. Our vet will be able to spot these things a lot faster, and it can mean catching it in its reversible stage rather than the one where there's extensive work that needs to be done, which will be more expensive.

There are some breeds of pets that always seems to be smiling, like Golden Retrievers. If you take care of your pet's teeth, you can make them be a lot happier.

Get Pet Dental Care from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

At Pershing Animal Hospital, we are ready to help the pets of Hyde Park, IL, in Chicago, IL, have their best teeth and gums. Contact us today for an appointment. Call us at (773) 288-8888 for more information.

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