Pet Allergies

If your pet has been sneezing or scratching excessively, it may be due to allergies. Certain factors in his or her environment can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and prevent it from being active. At Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, we offer a variety of treatments to alleviate discomfort and improve your pet’s health. Prior to visiting us, learn more about pet allergies below: 

Pet Allergies

Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

Pets can be allergic to a wide variety of allergens, just like humans. Some animals are allergic to grass, while others may have a reaction to certain foods. One common symptom of an allergy in a pet is a rash that appears on its belly, which may show up as red blotches or raised red spots. If your cat or dog has darker skin, it can be harder to tell if its skin color has been affected by an allergy. In addition, if your pet can’t stop scratching or biting its coat, he or she may have an allergy.

Treatment for Pet Allergies

Sometimes, there are some modifications you can make to offer your pet relief. For example, a change in its environment can make it feel better. If your cat or dog is allergic to a certain fragrance that you use, eliminating it may ease its symptoms. Other times, medication is needed in order to help your pet feel comfortable. Our veterinarian may recommend a few different allergy medications to determine the best one for your furry friend. Be sure to keep track of your pet's symptoms after he or she tries a new medication so we can ensure that we are making it feel as comfortable as possible.

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