Metabolic & Endocrine

Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders in Pets

Metabolic and Endocrine disorders are common among pets. Without proper treatment, animals can become severely ill and can even die. With early treatment, it is possible to prevent serious complications and improve outcomes. If you are concerned about your furry friend’s health, schedule a pet exam at Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL.

Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Explained

Like humans, animals have a metabolic system that converts food and nutrients into energy. A pet’s digestive system is an important component of the metabolic system. It breaks foods into sugars, carbs, acids, and other compounds. These are compounds delivered to the cells which convert them into energy.

The endocrine system excretes hormones into the blood. These hormones can have a huge impact on the metabolic system and other body systems. For example, thyroid issues can lead to hard-to-control weight gain. Common metabolic and endocrine issues include diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, and hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

If a pet is suffering from a metabolic or endocrine disorder, something is interfering with these processes. As a result, pets may not be able to get the nutrients they need. Your pet may suffer from low energy, weight loss/weight gain, a loss of appetite, blood pressure issues, and more.

Your pet may also be constantly thirsty. It may urinate frequently and experience weight loss. Unfortunately, metabolic and hormone-related issues are often serious and can dramatically lower your pet’s quality of life. Your pet may also succumb to several dangerous diseases. If you suspect your pet is suffering from a metabolic or endocrine issue, it is time to schedule a pet exam with Dr. Jewell. Our veterinarian will work with you and your pet to create a customized treatment plan.


Unfortunately, treating metabolic and endocrine conditions can be rather complicated. First, our vet needs to determine if a metabolic or endocrine issue is the cause of your pet’s problem. Finding the specific issue is vital as treatment will depend on the cause of your pet’s disorder.

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, diet changes and insulin treatments may be needed. If your pet is experiencing hypothyroidism, our veterinarian can prescribe oral medication that will help your pet balance and maintain appropriate hormone levels. Cushing’s Disease is caused by cortisol imbalances and can be treated with medication.

These conditions are among the most common metabolic and endocrine-related issues. Your pet may also suffer from other health conditions. That is why it is important to schedule a pet exam if you suspect a problem. These types of health concerns require a well-trained eye and a thorough examination to determine the appropriate course of action.

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