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In-House Labs with Our Veterinary Team at Our Animal Hospital

Because pets tend to hide their pain and sicknesses, it can be difficult for pet owners to know when something’s wrong with their pet. Changes in behavior and appetite could indicate a health problem, but not always. Fortunately, our vet can rely on diagnostics in the form of lab work to accurately diagnose health issues in your pet. At Pershing Animal Hospital, in Hyde Park, IL, a neighborhood, of Chicago, IL, our in-house lab provides quick and accurate diagnosis of hidden health issues so your pet can get treatment without delay. 

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How Lab Work Enhances Pet Health  

Our Hyde Park veterinarian uses lab work to evaluate your pet’s overall health. Through blood, fecal and urine tests, our vet can help uncover hidden health problems in their early stages when they might be easier to treat. These problems might not be showing symptoms as yet, but have the potential for harm if not dealt with.

Sometimes, health problems have similar symptoms, making it difficult for a vet to diagnose your pet’s condition by its symptoms alone. Through blood tests, our Hyde Park vet can make an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s health, so he can get the appropriate treatment.

In healthy animals, blood work can set the baseline of normal health in your pet. Our vet can then pinpoint irregularities through changes in your pet’s blood work in the future. Through blood work, we can better monitor your pet’s health.  

Benefits of In-House Labs

In-house testing gives our vet quicker access to the lab results he needs to diagnose your pet’s condition. If your pet is showing signs of a serious illness, you don’t want to wait awhile to get test results indicating what’s wrong. At Pershing Animal Hospital, our in-house lab can provide a prompt analysis of your pet’s condition, so we can start treatment as soon as possible.

Through in-house testing, our Hyde Park veterinarian can diagnose such health issues as internal infections, kidney problems, liver problems, diabetes, and potentially more in your pet. Sometimes, blood tests can provide conclusive information concerning pet health issues. Other times, they help our vet determine the direction he should go to identify your pet’s ailment.  

A facility with an in-house lab will be able to provide our vet with lab test results soon after. With this information, our vet can determine what action needs to be taken to restore your pet’s health.

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For lab work to help with pet care for your pet, contact us at Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL, a neighborhood of Chicago, IL, at (773) 288-8888

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