Emergency Care

Emergency Care for Your Pet in Hyde Park, IL

You want the absolute best for your pet. When there is an emergency, you want to know that you have a vet that you can go to. Whatever the emergency in Hyde Park, IL, you can count on us at Pershing Animal Hospital to take care of your family pet.


Common Pet Emergencies

Your pet can get into all sorts of predicaments when you least expect it. Whether it is because of an accident or because of an illness, you want to rely on an emergency vet.

We have treated several pet emergencies. Some of the most common emergencies include:

  • Poisoning
  • Trauma (severe bleeding, broken limb, etc.)
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Vomiting/diarrhea
  • Boating
  • Lethargy

We know that accidents happen. Your dog may have run out of the yard and into traffic. Your cat may have ingested something under your kitchen sink. All sorts of issues happen – and waiting to see if you should take your pet to the vet is not an option. The sooner you identify something is wrong, the easier it is to get the necessary treatment.

Whatever it is, we can identify what happened, diagnose the issue, and work to provide the necessary treatment.

We treat dogs and cats within our animal hospital.

How Our Animal Hospital Can Help

We have a comprehensive list of services to ensure we can handle emergency vet needs during normally scheduled business hours. This includes surgeries, medications, and more.

We have several diagnostic tools that allow us to perform full exams within the office. We can conduct bloodwork, run radiology exams, and more. It will allow us to learn more about your pet so we can figure out the extent of their injuries or issues.

We have hours Monday through Saturday, with extended hours through 7 pm during the week. It ensures that we can see your pet no matter what may be going on. You do not want to wait to have your pet’s health taken care of – and our emergency vets have the experience with many of the various illnesses and traumas that can occur.

Book Your Vet Appointment Today

Emergencies cannot wait. When you are in or around Hyde Park, IL, you can call us at Pershing Animal Hospital.  When you need a vet that you can call, let us help. We ask that you call ahead so we can prepare for the emergency.

Call now to learn more about our services. You will find that your pet is in good hands with our staff.

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