Pet Dermatology

If your pet is incessantly scratching or losing patches of hair around the home, there is probably an undiagnosed skin condition at work. That's when you need to seek out pet dermatology services for your dog or cat. Skin problems can be caused by allergies, illness or parasites, so you will want to get the issue properly diagnosed and resolved. We offer dermatology services for dog and cat owners at Pershing Animal Hospital in Hyde Park, IL.


Pet Skin Problems

There are two major signs that your pet is having skin problems: Extreme itching and extreme hair loss. Here's a closer look at those two symptoms.

  • Pruritus: Better known as skin irritation, pruritus will cause pets to constantly scratch at an irritated spot on their skin. The constant itching can lead to additional problems such as skin lesions, hair loss and infections. In dogs, it can also lead to sleep loss and a loss of appetite.
  • Alopecia: When a pet suffers from alopecia, you will find tufts of hair around the home that are suddenly missing from your pet. If your pet is experiencing hair loss beyond their normal shedding, it's time to bring them to our animal hospital to diagnose the problem. All dogs and cats can experience alopecia, and it's important to properly diagnose the condition that's causing it, which can range from disease to skin parasites such as mites.

Causes of Pet Skin Rashes

Most pet owners are shocked to see skin rashes on their dog or cat. They're not pretty, especially when you are used to seeing your pet with a normal, healthy coat of fur. Before you start searching for "vets near me," understand that it is a dermatology problem. There are a number of different possible sources that can lead to a pet skin rash:

  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Parasites
  • Hormonal changes
  • Environmental changes
  • Allergies

Dr. Jewell at Pershing Animal Hospital will work to properly diagnose the cause of your pet's skin rash. Pets can develop allergies that can require a number of tests to properly diagnose. Animals can suddenly develop an allergy to something new that's been introduced into your home, such as a new cleaning detergent, plant, or an ingredient change in their diet. The annual flea season is also a common culprit when it comes to pets to develop a new itching habit!

Skin rashes due to allergies or any other source must be diagnosed and treated properly because they inevitably lead to even worse health outcomes. Scratching can turn a skin rash into an open wound, which can lead to an infection and a longer course of treatment, not to mention the constant misery that the pet is experiencing.

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