Allergy FAQs

Allergies are surprisingly common in both dogs and cats. Like people, pets can be allergic to a wide variety of things. Fortunately, most allergies in pets are treatable with help from your veterinarian. Pershing Animal Hospital in Chicago and Hyde Park, IL look at the facts about pets with allergies.

Allergy FAQs

What Pets Are Allergic To?

The most common things that pets are allergic to include flea saliva, insect bites, pollen, molds, dust mites, tobacco smoke, laundry detergents, medication, artificial ingredients in food, and certain foods. When pets are allergic to foods, it’s often wheat or wheat gluten, eggs, dairy products, fish, and beef. Pets can be allergic to more than one substance.

Are Allergies Caused by Genetics?

It is unknown why pets get allergies. It could be a combination of factors. However, some breeds of dogs, like retriever breeds, are more prone to allergies than others.

What Are the Signs of Pet Allergies?

The most common sign of allergies in pets is incredibly itchy skin. The pet scratches, licks, or rubs the skin so much that it causes bald spots, sores, chronic ear infections, or sore paws. Pets also may experience gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, abdominal bloating from gas, and vomiting. They can have upper respiratory problems like a runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing, breathing noisily, suddenly starting snoring or coughing.

Can I Give My Pet My Allergy Medication?

Unless specifically told to by your veterinarian, never give human medication for allergies or itchy skin to pets. This medication can poison your pet.

How Are Allergies in Pets Diagnosed?

Since many health conditions have similar signs to allergies, a pet exam is needed to help rule out other possibilities. Your pet may need a skin scrape or hair sample. Your pet may also need blood tests. If allergies are suspected, then your vet will inject a small amount of the suspected allergen into your pet’s skin. If there is a reaction, then the allergen is discovered. If it is unknown what your pet is allergic to, it can be a long process of trial and error to discover just what sets off your pet’s allergies.

How are Allergies in Pets Treated?

Treatment is a combination of getting rid of the symptoms and trying to remove the allergen from your pet’s life as much as possible. Your pet may need a complete change in diet. Medications can be given in pills, cream, or shampoo forms.

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